Posted by Porter Olsen

Please join us for a gathering of BitCurator users on the evening of August 12th after the SAA Research Forum. Come meet other BitCurator users and share your experiences working with digital forensics and BitCurator. In addition to collaborating with other BitCurator users, meet with BitCurator Co-PI’s Cal Lee and Matt Kirschenbaum, and BitCurator Community … Read More

Posted by Porter Olsen

The BitCurator Consortium (BCC) is an independent, community-led membership association that will serve as the host and center of administrative, user and community support for the BitCurator environment.  Its purpose is to support curation of born-digital materials through the application of open-source digital forensics tools by institutions responsible for such materials.
The BitCurator project (2011-2014), funded … Read More

Posted by Amanda Visconti

Last week, I wrote about how to forensically image the internal hard drive on a Mac laptop without needing to physically remove the drive. If your workspace doesn’t have the necessary tools to follow that tutorial (a firewire cable, a firewire port on the Mac you’re imaging, and a firewire port on … Read More

Posted by Amanda Visconti

Let’s say a digital beauty like this makes its way into your collection:
The lid of the Larsen laptop is covered in flower and lace doily decals.
This is a laptop donated to us by electronic literature author, educator, and collector Deena Larsen. Larsen used the laptop as an everyday work machine, … Read More

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